The Oxford Encyclopedia of Climate Change Communication

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Climate Change Communication

The Oxford Encylopedia of Climate Change Communication is a special project within the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science. Through a comprehensive set of articles, it will examine the origin and evolution of our understanding of climate change as presented in communication and media, including their effects on public opinion and policy and what this means for current and future research in the field. Global in breadth, deeply resourced, it will serve as an essential source of perspective on the issues involved. It is led by Dr. Matthew Nisbet along with Associate Editors Dr. Shirley S. Ho, Dr. Ezra Markowitz, Dr. Mike S. Schafer, and Dr. Jagadish Thaker.

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Editorial Board

Matthew C. Nisbet, Northeastern University
Editor in Chief

Shirley S. Ho, Nanyang Technological University

Ezra Markowitz, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Saffron O'Neill, University of Exeter

Mike S. Schäfer, University of Zurich

Jagdish Thaker, Massey University


Climate Change Public Opinion, Knowledge, and Behavior

Media Portrayals of Climate Change and Their Societal Effects

Climate Change Communication Strategies and Campaigns

Communicating about the Environmental, Human, and Societal Impacts of Climate Change

Communicating about Climate Change Policies and Energy Technologies

Communication, Media, and Public Opinion about Climate Change across Countries

Methods of Analyzing and Evaluating Climate Change Communication