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March 2017

Audience Segmentation and Climate Change Communication (Donald W. Hine, Wendy J. Phillips, Aaron B. Driver, Mark Morrison)
Climate Change Communication in South Korea (Sei-Hill Kim, Myung-Hyun Kang, Jeong-Heon Chang)
Theory and Modeling of the African Humid Period and the Green Sahara (Martin Claussen, Anne Dallmeyer, Jürgen Bader)

February 2017

Climate Change Adaptation (Philipp Schmidt-Thomé)
Communicating Sea Level Rise (Karen Akerlof, Michelle Covi, Elizabeth Rohring)
Governance for Climate Engineering (Masahiro Sugiyama, Shinichiro Asayama, Takanobu Kosugi, Atsushi Ishii), summary
North Atlantic Oscillation (Edward Hanna, Thomas E. Cropper)

December 2016

Climate and Health across Africa (Benjamin F. Zaitchik), summary
Climate Change and Migration (Silja Klepp), summary
Climate Change Communication in Mexico (Javier Urbina-Soria, Karina Landeros-Mugica), summary
Climate Change Communication in New Zealand (Rhian Salmon, Rebecca Priestley, Michele Fontana, Taciano L. Milfont), summary
Climate Change Communication in the Netherlands (Art Dewulf, Daan Boezeman, Martijn Vink), summary
Climate Change Communication in Turkey (Mehmet Ali Uzelgun, Ümit Şahin)
Climate of the Mediterranean and North Africa (Ricardo García Herrera, David Barriopedro), summary
Climate Policy and Governance across Africa (Opha Pauline Dube), summary
Communicating about Climate Change and Solar Energy (Tarla Rai Peterson, Cristi C. Horton), summary
Elite News Coverage of Climate Change (Maxwell Boykoff, Gesa Luedecke)
Improving Wildfire Risk Communication and Management (Robyn Wilson, Eric Toman, Sarah McCaffrey), summary

November 2016

Atmospheric Blocking in Observation and Models (Stefano Tibaldi, Franco Molteni), summary
History of Convective Storm Science (Charles A. Doswell III)
Social Capital and Climate Change Adaptation (Daniel P. Aldrich, Courtney Page, Christopher J. Paul)

October 2016

Adaptation Governance (Katrien Termeer, Dave Huitema, Heleen Mees, Sander Meijerink, Marleen van Rijswick, Art Dewulf), summary
Aerosols and Climate (Bjørn H. Samset)
Climate change communication in Colombia (Luisa F. Lema Vélez, Daniel Hermelin, Margarita Fontecha, Dunia H. Urrego), summary
Climate Change Communication in Norway (Marianne Ryghaug, Tomas Moe Skjølsvold)
Communicating the Public Health Risks of Climate Change (Melinda Weathers, Edward Maibach, Mattthew Nisbet), summary
Dynamics of the Indian Summer Monsoon Climate (B.N. Goswami, Soumi Chakravorty), summary

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