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September 2017

Celebrities and Climate Change (Julie Doyle, Nathan Farrell, Michael K. Goodman)
Climate Change Adaptation Strategies of Local Governments in Japan (Kenshi Baba, Masahiro Matsuura, Taiko Kudo, Shigeru Watanabe, Shun Kawakubo, Akiko Chujo, Hiroharu Tanaka, Mitsuru Tanaka)
Climate Change Communication in Argentina (M. Teresa Mercado-Sáez, César Galarza)
Climate Change Communication in Belgium (Yves Pepermans, Pieter Maeseele)
Climate Change Communication in Portugal (Anabela Carvalho, Ana Horta)
Climate Change Communication in Singapore (Shirley S. Ho, Agnes S. F. Chuah)
Climate Change Conspiracy Theories (Joseph E. Uscinski, Karen Douglas, Stephan Lewandowsky)
Communicating about Hydropower, Dams, and Climate Change (Emma Lundberg, Caroline Gottschalk Druschke, Bridie McGreavy, Sara Randall, Tyler Quiring, Alison Fisher, Francesca Soluri, Hannah Dallas, David Hart, Kevin Gardner)
Communicating about Solar Energy and Climate Change (Tarla Rai Peterson, Cristi C. Horton)
Communicating the Public Health Risks of Climate Change (Melinda R. Weathers, Edward Maibach, Mattthew Nisbet)
Fear Appeals in Climate Change Communication (Joseph P. Reser, Graham L. Bradley)
Frame Analysis in Climate Change Communication (Mike S. Schäfer, Saffron O'Neill)
Geographies of Climate Change Belief (Debbie Hopkins, Ezra M. Markowitz)
Internet-Enabled Activism and Climate Change (Luis E. Hestres, Jill E. Hopke)
Wildfire Communication and Climate Risk Mitigation (Robyn S. Wilson, Sarah M. McCaffrey, Eric Toman)

August 2017

Climate Change Communication in New Zealand (Rhian Salmon, Rebecca Priestley, Michele Fontana, Taciano L. Milfont)

July 2017

Sun-Climate Connections (Judith L. Lean)

June 2017

Climate Change Communication in the Netherlands (Art Dewulf, Daan Boezeman, Martinus Vink)
Communicating about Fossil Fuel Divestment (Jill E. Hopke, Luis E. Hestres)

May 2017

Climate Change and Geopolitics (Simon Dalby), summary
Climate Change Communication in Colombia (Luisa Fernanda Lema Vélez, Daniel Hermelin, María Margarita Fontecha, Dunia H. Urrego)
Ecohydrological Concepts of Water-Vegetation Interaction in the Drylands of Africa (A. Johannes Dolman, Luis U. Vilasa-Abad, Thomas A. J. Janssen)
Ocean Mixing (Carl Wunsch)

April 2017

Climate and Health across Africa (Benjamin F. Zaitchik)
Climate Change Communication in Italy (Lorenzo Beltrame, Massimiano Bucchi, Enzo Loner)
Climate Change Communication in Peru (Bruno Takahashi, Alejandra Martinez)
Climate Change Communication in Spain (María Carmen Erviti, Bienvenido León)
Dynamics of the Indian Summer Monsoon Climate (B.N. Goswami, Soumi Chakravorty)
Effects of Rapid Climate Change on Violence and Conflict (Courtney Plante, Johnie J. Allen, Craig A. Anderson)
Ideology in Climate Change Communication (Pieter Maeseele, Yves Pepermans)
Race, Class, Gender and Climate Change Communication (Adam R. Pearson, Matthew T. Ballew, Sarah Naiman, Jonathon P. Schuldt)
The Two Degree Celsius Limit (Christopher Shaw)

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