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Poland’s Climate in the Last Millennium  

Rajmund Przybylak

Online publication date:
Apr 2016

Climate Change Communication in Switzerland  

Heinz Bonfadelli

Online publication date:
Aug 2016

Climate Change and Carbon Cycle Feedbacks  

Pierre Friedlingstein

Online publication date:
Dec 2016

Quaternary Climate Variation in Eastern Africa  

Thomas C. Johnson

Online publication date:
Feb 2017

Climate of Eastern Africa  

Pierre Camberlin

Online publication date:
Jan 2018

Governance Arrangements for Adaptation to Climate Change  

Catrien Termeer, Arwin van Buuren, Art Dewulf, Dave Huitema, Heleen Mees, Sander Meijerink, and Marleen van Rijswick

Online publication date:
Oct 2017

Geographies of Climate Change Belief  

Debbie Hopkins and Ezra M. Markowitz

Online publication date:
Sep 2017